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How We Operate

Procida Funding provides capital for a wide range of asset classes in the eastern region of the US, with a concentration in the New York metropolitan area. We use both our own capital and that of our strategic partners, which includes private equity funds and institutional lenders. Our experience as a borrower and developer provides us with keen insight into how to be a creative and responsible lender and investor.

Procida Advisors provides due diligence and asset management services to developers, financial institutions and private equity funds with a concentration on development, construction, bankruptcy, restructuring and marketing. Our specific services include Development Management, Construction Supervision, Restructuring, Crisis Management, Investment Banking, and Asset Management & Disposition.

Billy Procida

Meet Our Team

Our founder, Billy Procida, formed William Procida, Inc. in 1995, after a 15-year career as an award-winning developer and nationally-ranked general contractor. The Procida companies specialize in supplying capital and expertise to the real estate community, as well as to small and mid-size businesses.

Every day, we strive to work with passion, creativity and honesty. Since 1995, we have worked as lender, investment banker and/or developer on well over $3 billion of successful real estate projects.

Meet the rest of the team.
100 Mile Fund

The 100 Mile Fund is a localized real estate investment opportunity from Procida Funding & Advisors. We chose one hundred miles because real estate is a local business in all aspects, and the better you know an area and its people, the better you can interpret information and manage problems. Our team can reach any asset by car in less than two hours, and there are more than enough opportunities within this radius for us to participate in. Plus, every member of the 100 Mile Fund Team are all lifelong residents of this targeted area, and they know it best.

The fund targets office, retail, multifamily, industrial, and specialty properties within the $500,000 to $25 million market. Compare this to banks, which have substantially curtailed lending to all but the most credit-worthy borrowers; or to most private equity funds, which have been targeting the $25 million and above market. Procida Funding and the 100 Mile Fund will continue to dominate the sub-$25 million market.

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